Online Marketing Strategy : Guide to 2018

It isn’t even the end of January 2018 and the social media giant, Facebook, has already announced that it will be changing the way that users see and interact with business posts. Which is why it is now, more important than ever to tweak your online marketing strategy.

Throwing one main question in the air for many local, small to medium sized businesses; How do we need to adapt our online strategy?

Many people put their time and money into social media advertisement. For many this isn’t a bad strategy. It’s fairly cheap, easy to monitor and most of the time you get decent results.

However, what if we were to tell you that you could get far better results in Norfolk and surrounding areas with an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy? Also, that the strategy itself didn’t have to be overly expensive.

Companies are behind the time with SEO

Companies, particularly most of the companies that operate in this region are miles behind. In terms of their Search Engine Optimisation, Website Quality, Online Marketing Strategies and Content.

Go somewhere like London and the markets are saturated. But just a hundred miles up the road in Norfolk word of mouth is king. Leading many businesses to ignore online pursuits entirely. Why? Because they get busy enough and are not interested in more work from other sources.

Having a website, isn’t an online marketing strategy

Shocking, we know, but just by having a website you are not effectively marketing online. You are more or less sticking up a business card, on a community board made up of thousands of business cards.

But it’s even worse, because the end user cannot visually see your business card. They can only accidentally stumble upon it.

The majority of the traffic these sites attract are from visual, real world, advertisements. Such as; Vehicle Graphics, Business Cards, Word of Mouth or just General Networking.

They are pointed at the website by typing in the exact URL or company name. But by then the customer had potentially already made the self-conscious decision to go with that company.

Most probably, only using the website to look up the company’s phone number/email address.

Leading to the question; Why do these companies need a website in the first place?

Build a website and create an online marketing strategy

If you are going to spend the money on a good website, you want it to generate your business money. West Norfolk Web Design can assist you, from website conception through to online marketing strategies.

Working with you to build up effective keyword strategies, backlink portfolios, content creation and so much more. Helping you get results from your website.

We can even supply your website with monthly content updates and blog posts; which will give your website relevance in both the eyes of your customers and the search engines.