Bootstrap 4.0 – How it changed Web Design and Development

In the early days of web design and development, Mobile Website Development was considered an unnecessary extra. It was costly to implement and took resources away from what was important to the client; generating more business from desktop users! Now though, more users browse the internet using their Mobile Devices. Be that a table or smart phone. In fact that number now stands at 51% as of 2016, so when we get results for 2017, we are probably looking closer the 55/60% mark.

Meaning now it is more important than ever to have a mobile responsive website. You wouldn’t want to lose out on a client, simply due to the fact they couldn’t find the information they needed on their mobiles now would you?

Mobile Ready Websites – As Standard

Thanks to the power of a framework called Bootstrap, we can create stunning, mobile responsive websites as standard. Better still, it is a framework that keeps on getting better and better. With just last month the company launching a new version in 4.0!

In this version they have totally changed the way that their grid system works. Leading us to another learning curve; thankfully however, we had been playing around with the BETA versions of the framework in some of our web development already.

Here at West Norfolk Web Design, all of our websites come mobile responsive as standard. Why? Because in today’s market place, to have any chance, they need to be. Did you know, that Google will actively down rank non-mobile responsive websites?

So if your website is not currently mobile responsive, make it, with West Norfolk Web Design. Not only will it improve your websites performance on mobile, it will also improve it’s performance on the search engines. In turn, generating you more business.